Yii Rights Management Tips

  1. Create a role manually
  2. Giving role
  3. Getting user role
  4. Finding Users with same role
  5. Making some actions public
  6. Getting all the roles
  7. Adding an item to role

yii rights some tips..

Create a role manually

first we have to create a role manually and add some operations and/or tasks to the role according to the needs

assume the role created was 'clients'

Giving role

This is very simple , achieved by using two lines of code

save the user(assume $model->id is the user saved/created)

//assign role
$authorizer = Yii::app()->getModule("rights")->getAuthorizer();
$authorizer->authManager->assign('clients', $model->id); 

Getting user role

This is also very simple

the signed user id will get using Yii::app()->user->Id

echo key($roles) // for single role

foreach($roles as $role) // for multiple role
if($role->name == 'clients')
//some actions here ..


Finding Users with same role

$role = 'role-name' //role name here
$users = AuthAssignment::model()->findAllByAttributes(array('itemname'=>$role));
foreach($users as $user)
 echo $user->userid;

Making some actions public

this should be a common need of an app.

this is also very simple when using yii rights

just use a '-' (minus) operator like

public function filters()
		return array(
			'rights - publicprofile', // perform access control for CRUD operations

here the publicprofile action is public, all other actions in the same controller are under rights.

Getting all the roles

getting all the roles in the application

put this line in protected/config/main


get all roles as a dropdown

if (Yii::app()->user->isSuperuser) {
       $all_roles=new RAuthItemDataProvider('roles', array( 
        <label for="type_id">Type</label>
        <?php echo CHtml::dropDownList("Type",'',CHtml::listData($data,'name','name'));?> 

Adding an item to role

Example 1
$this->_authorizer->authManager->addItemChild('role name', 'controllername.actionname');

Example 2
$this->_authorizer->authManager->addItemChild('role name', 'controllername.*');

Thank you Chris for the awesome module. and thanks mishamx.