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Logging 0 87
Controller and Wrapper for logging JavaScript errors to the server
Created by le_top, 7 years ago.


Logging 0 165
Yii 1.0 Integration with errorstreamcom
Created by kevinh448, 7 years ago.


Logging 0 21
Rollbar Yii Component
Created by baibaratsky, 8 years ago.


Logging 0 155
Send Yii 1 logs to stdout/stderr
Created by Motin, 9 years ago.


Logging 0 511
Yii LogAnalyzer - Log file analyzer for Yii (application.log)
Created by Tonin De Rosso Bolzan, 11 years ago.


Logging 0 0
A simple wrapper around the KM metrics library to use with Yii
Created by ajsharma, 11 years ago.


Logging 0 526
XMPPHP to connect to gtalk ,you can send message to your frendlist in your gtalk,also you can monitor server.
Created by Fan_Ye, 11 years ago.


Logging 2 0
Log all error and exception to sentry server.
Created by TheBee, 11 years ago.


Logging 24 326
A reload of the popular audittrail extension
Created by Sammaye, 11 years ago, updated 10 years ago.


Logging 3 289
provides negative filters for logs and nested routes
Created by Maciej Liżewski, 11 years ago.


Logging 2 359
Very simple yet useful benchmarking/logging class
Created by Nick Makarov, 11 years ago.


Logging 0 359
Log profile entries slower than treshold or more frequent than treshold
Created by Maciej Liżewski, 12 years ago.