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Date and Time 23 14393
datetime picker input widget
Created by Hit Shappens, 8 years ago.


Date and Time 1 872
Combines ehtmldataselect and activedatelist
Created by klod, 8 years ago.


Date and Time 3 1581
filter date column for gridview in Yii framework
Created by netyum, 8 years ago, updated 7 years ago.


Date and Time 4 1791
DatePicker input control, can be used standalone or combined to allow user select date range.
Created by Hudson Nguyen, 8 years ago.


Date and Time 16 21459
Event calendar as Module and as Controller (jQuery full calendar wrapper)
Created by FlyBot, 8 years ago.


Date and Time 3 907
Splits a date string into dropdown lists.
Created by ciss, 9 years ago.


Date and Time 7 1651
EHtmlDateSelect is a widget that creates date dropdowns.
Created by kosenka, 9 years ago.


Date and Time 25 4143
Automatic conversion for I18N date and datetime fields
Created by ricardograna, 10 years ago, updated 3 years ago.


Date and Time 4 2685
Time helper
Created by jonah, 10 years ago.