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Console 6 1083
Module generator - models controllers actions CRUD
Created by megabr, 10 years ago.


Console 2 580
Generates german Create, Read, Update and Delete views
Created by thyseus, 10 years ago.


Console 1 678
Checks for missing message files or forgotten translations
Created by mintao, 10 years ago.


Console 6 666
Yii Command to search/download Yii extensions
Created by eval, 9 years ago.


Console 0 1075
An extension for running console command from web application on background.
Created by tyohan, 8 years ago.


Console 0 707
EConsoleCommand makes Yii console commands more interactive and user friendly.
Created by eor, 8 years ago.


Console 7 1389
Clear applications cache and/or assets with yiic
Created by firegate666, 7 years ago.


Console 5 473
Yii command to generate API reference documentation for an extension, an application or the framework itself.
Created by Marc Busque, 7 years ago.


Console 0 379
Revision of MigrateCommand
Created by Troy, 7 years ago.


Console 2 1844
Message command line manager: .php <-> .po converter, message extractor and statistics.
Created by Eliovir, 10 years ago, updated 7 years ago.


Console 5 1040
Simple and convenient installing console commands as cron jobs.
Created by Yiivgeny, 7 years ago.


Console 3 1308
[Obsolete] iCRUD - CRUD with i18n messages support and referenced fields completion
Created by robregonm, 10 years ago, updated 7 years ago.