Class yii\sphinx\ActiveDataProvider

Inheritanceyii\sphinx\ActiveDataProvider » yii\data\ActiveDataProvider
Available since version2.0.4
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ActiveDataProvider is an enhanced version of \yii\data\ActiveDataProvider specific to the Sphinx.

It allows to fetch not only rows and total rows count, but also a meta information and facet results.

The following is an example of using ActiveDataProvider to provide facet results:

$provider = new ActiveDataProvider([
    'query' => Post::find()->facets(['author_id', 'category_id']),
    'pagination' => [
        'pageSize' => 20,

// get the posts in the current page
$posts = $provider->getModels();

// get all facets
$facets = $provider->getFacets();

// get particular facet
$authorFacet = $provider->getFacet('author_id');

In case yii\sphinx\Query::showMeta() is set ActiveDataProvider will fetch total count value from the query meta information, avoiding extra counting query:

$provider = new ActiveDataProvider([
    'query' => Post::find()->showMeta(true),
    'pagination' => [
        'pageSize' => 20,

$totalCount = $provider->getTotalCount(); // fetched from meta information

Note: when using 'meta' information results total count will be fetched after pagination limit applying, which eliminates ability to verify if requested page number actually exist. Data provider disables yii\data\Pagination::validatePage automatically in this case.

Note: because pagination offset and limit may exceed Sphinx 'max_matches' bounds, data provider will set 'max_matches' option automatically based on those values. However, if yii\sphinx\Query::showMeta() is set, such adjustment is not performed as it will break total count calculation, so you'll have to deal with 'max_matches' bounds on your own.

Method Details

getFacet() public method

Returns results of the specified facet.

public array getFacet ( $name )
$name string

Facet name

return array

Facet results.

throws \yii\base\InvalidCallException

if requested facet does not present in results.

getFacets() public method

public array getFacets ( )
return array

Query facet results.

getMeta() public method

public array getMeta ( )
return array

Search query meta info

prepareModels() protected method

protected void prepareModels ( )
prepareTotalCount() protected method

protected void prepareTotalCount ( )
setFacets() public method

public void setFacets ( $facets )
$facets array

Query facet results.

setMeta() public method

public void setMeta ( $meta )
$meta array

Search query meta info