Class yii\mongodb\debug\ExplainAction

Inheritanceyii\mongodb\debug\ExplainAction » yii\base\Action
Available since extension's version2.0.5
Source Code

ExplainAction provides EXPLAIN information for MongoDB queries

Public Properties

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Property Type Description Defined By
$panel yii\mongodb\debug\MongoDbPanel Related debug toolbar panel yii\mongodb\debug\ExplainAction

Public Methods

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Method Description Defined By
run() Runs the explain action yii\mongodb\debug\ExplainAction

Protected Methods

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Method Description Defined By
explainQuery() Runs explain command over the query yii\mongodb\debug\ExplainAction

Property Details

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$panel public property

Related debug toolbar panel

Method Details

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explainQuery() protected method

Runs explain command over the query

protected array|false explainQuery ( $queryString )
$queryString string

Query log string.

return array|false

Explain results, false on failure.

                protected function explainQuery($queryString)
    /* @var $connection \yii\mongodb\Connection */
    $connection = $this->panel->getDb();
    $queryInfo = Json::decode($queryString);
    if (!isset($queryInfo['ns'])) {
        return false;
    list($databaseName, $collectionName) = explode('.', $queryInfo['ns'], 2);
    if (!empty($queryInfo['filer'])) {
        $queryInfo['filer'] = $this->prepareQueryFiler($queryInfo['filer']);
    return $connection->createCommand($databaseName)->explain($collectionName, $queryInfo);

run() public method

Runs the explain action

public string run ( $seq, $tag )
$seq integer
$tag string
return string

Explain result content

throws \yii\web\HttpException

if requested log not found

                public function run($seq, $tag)
    $timings = $this->panel->calculateTimings();
    if (!isset($timings[$seq])) {
        throw new HttpException(404, 'Log message not found.');
    $query = $timings[$seq]['info'];
    if (strpos($query, 'find({') !== 0) {
        return '';
    $query = substr($query, strlen('find('), -1);
    $result = $this->explainQuery($query);
    if (!$result) {
        return '';
    return Json::encode($result, JSON_PRETTY_PRINT);