Class yii\httpclient\debug\HttpClientPanel

Inheritanceyii\httpclient\debug\HttpClientPanel » yii\debug\Panel
Available since version2.0
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Debugger panel that collects and displays HTTP requests performed.

Protected Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
getModels() Returns an array of models that represents logs of the current request. yii\httpclient\debug\HttpClientPanel
getRequestMethod() Returns HTTP request method. yii\httpclient\debug\HttpClientPanel
getRequestType() Returns request type. yii\httpclient\debug\HttpClientPanel
getTotalRequestTime() Returns total request time. yii\httpclient\debug\HttpClientPanel

Method Details

calculateTimings() public method

Calculates given request profile timings.

public array calculateTimings ( )
return array

Timings [token, category, timestamp, traces, nesting level, elapsed time]

getDetail() public method

public void getDetail ( )
getHttpClient() public method

public yii\httpclient\Client getHttpClient ( )
throws \yii\base\InvalidConfigException
getMethods() public method

Returns array request methods

public array getMethods ( )
getModels() protected method

Returns an array of models that represents logs of the current request.

Can be used with data providers such as \yii\data\ArrayDataProvider.

protected array getModels ( )
return array


getName() public method

public void getName ( )
getRequestMethod() protected method

Returns HTTP request method.

protected string getRequestMethod ( $timing )
$timing string

Timing procedure string

return string

Request method such as GET, POST, PUT, etc.

getRequestType() protected method

Returns request type.

protected string getRequestType ( $category )
$category string
return string

Request type such as 'normal', 'batch'

getSummary() public method

public void getSummary ( )
getTotalRequestTime() protected method

Returns total request time.

protected integer getTotalRequestTime ( $timings )
$timings array
return integer

Total time

getTypes() public method

Returns array request types

public array getTypes ( )
init() public method

public void init ( )
save() public method

public void save ( )
setHttpClient() public method

public void setHttpClient ( $httpClient )
$httpClient array