yiisoft/yii2-httpclient API Documentation 2.0

This is the API Documentation for the yiisoft/yii2-httpclient extension. Here you will find detailed information about all classes provided by this extension. Below you find a list of the existing classes, interfaces, and traits, ordered by their fully qualified name (including the namespace). Each of them has a dedicated page which contains a description about the purpose of the class, a list of the available methods, properties and constants, and detailed description on how to use each of them.

On this page you find all the classes included in version 2.0 of the extension. You can use the dropdown menu on the top right to switch between versions.

Class Description
yii\httpclient\Client Client provide high level interface for HTTP requests execution.
yii\httpclient\CurlFormatter CURLFormatter is used with CurlTransport to format the content of the request as an array with the field name as key and field data as value
yii\httpclient\CurlTransport CurlTransport sends HTTP messages using Client URL Library (cURL)
yii\httpclient\Exception Exception represents an exception that is caused during HTTP requests.
yii\httpclient\FormatterInterface FormatterInterface represents HTTP request message formatter.
yii\httpclient\JsonFormatter JsonFormatter formats HTTP message as JSON.
yii\httpclient\JsonParser JsonParser parses HTTP message content as JSON.
yii\httpclient\Message Message represents a base HTTP message.
yii\httpclient\ParserInterface ParserInterface represents HTTP response message parser.
yii\httpclient\Request Request represents HTTP request.
yii\httpclient\RequestEvent RequestEvent represents the event parameter used for an request events.
yii\httpclient\Response Response represents HTTP request response.
yii\httpclient\StreamTransport StreamTransport sends HTTP messages using Streams
yii\httpclient\Transport Transport performs actual HTTP request sending.
yii\httpclient\UrlEncodedFormatter UrlEncodedFormatter formats HTTP message as 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'.
yii\httpclient\UrlEncodedParser UrlEncodedParser parses HTTP message content as 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'.
yii\httpclient\XmlFormatter XmlFormatter formats HTTP message as XML.
yii\httpclient\XmlParser XmlParser parses HTTP message content as XML.
yii\httpclient\debug\HttpClientPanel Debugger panel that collects and displays HTTP requests performed.
yii\httpclient\debug\RequestExecuteAction RequestExecuteAction executes HTTP request and passes its result to the browser.
yii\httpclient\debug\SearchModel Log search model.