Class yii\gii\components\ActiveField

Inheritanceyii\gii\components\ActiveField » yii\widgets\ActiveField
Available since version2.0

Property Details

$model public property
public yii\gii\Generator $model null
$template public property
public $template "{label}\n{input}\n{list}\n{error}"

Method Details

autoComplete() public method

Makes field auto completable

public $this autoComplete ( $data )
$data array

Auto complete data (array of callables or scalars)

return $this

The field object itself

checkbox() public method

public void checkbox ( $options = [], $enclosedByLabel false )
hint() public method

public void hint ( $content, $options = [] )
init() public method

public void init ( )
radio() public method

public void radio ( $options = [], $enclosedByLabel false )
sticky() public method

Makes field remember its value between page reloads

public $this sticky ( )
return $this

The field object itself