Class yii\gii\controllers\DefaultController

Inheritanceyii\gii\controllers\DefaultController » yii\web\Controller
Available since version2.0

Protected Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
loadGenerator() Loads the generator with the specified ID. yii\gii\controllers\DefaultController

Property Details

$generator public property
$layout public property
public $layout 'generator'
$module public property
public yii\gii\Module $module null

Method Details

actionAction() public method

Runs an action defined in the generator.

Given an action named "xyz", the method "actionXyz()" in the generator will be called. If the method does not exist, a 400 HTTP exception will be thrown.

public mixed actionAction ( $id, $name )
$id string

The ID of the generator

$name string

The action name

return mixed

The result of the action.

throws \yii\web\NotFoundHttpException

if the action method does not exist.

actionDiff() public method

public void actionDiff ( $id, $file )
actionIndex() public method

public void actionIndex ( )
actionPreview() public method

public void actionPreview ( $id, $file )
actionView() public method

public void actionView ( $id )
beforeAction() public method

public void beforeAction ( $action )
loadGenerator() protected method

Loads the generator with the specified ID.

protected yii\gii\Generator loadGenerator ( $id )
$id string

The ID of the generator to be loaded.

return yii\gii\Generator

The loaded generator

throws \yii\web\NotFoundHttpException