Class yii\bootstrap\Html

Inheritanceyii\bootstrap\Html » yii\bootstrap\BaseHtml » yii\helpers\Html
Available since version2.0.5
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Html is an enhanced version of \yii\helpers\Html helper class dedicated to the Bootstrap needs.

This class inherits all functionality available at \yii\helpers\Html and can be used as substitute.

Attention: do not confuse yii\bootstrap\Html and \yii\helpers\Html, be careful in which class you are using inside your views.

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
activeStaticControl() Generates a Bootstrap static form control for the given model attribute. yii\bootstrap\BaseHtml
checkboxList() yii\bootstrap\BaseHtml
error() yii\bootstrap\BaseHtml
icon() Composes icon HTML for bootstrap Glyphicons. yii\bootstrap\BaseHtml
radioList() yii\bootstrap\BaseHtml
staticControl() Renders Bootstrap static form control. yii\bootstrap\BaseHtml