Class yii\authclient\signature\HmacSha1

Inheritanceyii\authclient\signature\HmacSha1 » yii\authclient\signature\HmacSha » yii\authclient\signature\BaseMethod » yii\base\BaseObject
Available since version2.0
Deprecated since version HmacSha1 represents 'HMAC-SHA1' signature method. Since 2.1.3 this class is deprecated, use [[HmacSha]] with `sha1` algorithm instead.

Public Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$algorithm string Hash algorithm, e.g. sha1, sha256 and so on. yii\authclient\signature\HmacSha1

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
generateSignature() Generates OAuth request signature. yii\authclient\signature\HmacSha
getName() Return the canonical name of the Signature Method. yii\authclient\signature\HmacSha
init() yii\authclient\signature\HmacSha
verify() Verifies given OAuth request. yii\authclient\signature\BaseMethod

Property Details

$algorithm public property

Hash algorithm, e.g. sha1, sha256 and so on.

public string $algorithm 'sha1'