yii-app-skeleton An yii application template.

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An application template with few modifications.

What's added

  1. Different configurations for applications with common configuration (main.php).
  2. Web-accessable files moved to public/.
  3. Useful components:
    • BackEndController - an advanced version of Controller for backend
    • ConsoleCommand - an advanced version of CConsoleCommand
    • Controller - an advanced version of CController
    • LinkPager - a pager to generate this: << First | < Previous | 1 page of 1000 | Next > | Last >>
    • DatabaseUserIdentity - a user identity class to search user with email&password in db
    • FrontEndController - an advanced version of Controller for frontend
    • WebModule - an advanced version of CWebModule. Allows add meta info to module.
    • WebUser - an advanced version of CWebUser. Allows use alerts (setAlert(); getAlerts()) instead of flashes (setFlash(); getFlashes())
    • Worker - an advanced version of gearman.AbstractWorker.
  4. WorkerApplication. This application is used as gearman worker. Runs with ./worker. Worker functions are listed in protected/config/apps/gearman.php
  5. Some gii templates.
  6. Some css-files (alerts.css and yii.css).
  7. And Deploy script (deploy.sh) and Makefile. Run make inside the directory.


Available make goals:
- setup - create writable runtime folders
- deploy - deploy files onto server
- clean - cleanup directories /protected/runtime and /public/assets
- help - show this message
How to change deploy target

echo -n "user@hostname/dir/" > protected/config/local/deploy-target

How to disable deploying (use it on target server)

echo -n "" > protected/config/local/deploy-target

How to make local modifications of configuration:
  1. Create local config file for every type of application. echo -e "<?php\nreturn array(\n);" | tee protected/config/local/{console,gearman,web}.php
  2. Update needed configuration file.

Interaction points

Point Access method Application (config) Mission
public/index.php web-browser CWebApplication (web) Serving user requests.
./yiic console CConsoleApplication (console) Site maintenance by admin.
./worker console WorkerApplication (gearman) Doing background work.

Yii framework is in yii directory and managable with git submodule.


This template licensed under the LGPL v3 license.


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Yii Version: 1.1
License: LGPL-3.0
Category: Others
Developed by: wapmorgan
Created on: Mar 9, 2014
Last updated: 6 years ago


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