eeditable Makes a CGridView column to be editable. Can be used outside Yii Framework too


  1. Example 1: In a non-yiiframework application.
  2. Example 2: In a Yii Framework application: As a CGridView column.

EEditable is a jQuery extension for Yii Framework applications enabling your application to make a tag editable by the end user. A Special class is provided for CGridView: EEditableColumn, this class enabling your CGridView to make an editable column.

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Example Example

This extension is designed to be used with/without Yii Framework application this not limit the usage outside the Yii Framework limits, please refeer to the first example below this lines to know how.

Example 1: In a non-yiiframework application.

<table id='some'>
		<!-- this will select a editbox when clicking over it -->
		<td editable_type='editbox' 
			editable_action='some url to send a post via ajax request'
			editable_id='someUniqueId', editable_name='someColName1'>
			value to be edited when clicking over it
		<!-- this will display a select having the values provided 
		in the inner select tag -->
		<td editable_type='select' 
			editable_action='some url to send a post via ajax request'
			editable_id='someUniqueId', editable_name='someColName2'>
				<select style='display:none;' class='editable_options'>
					<option value='1'>Yes</option>
					<option value='0'>No</option>

Example 2: In a Yii Framework application: As a CGridView column.

This jQuery Extension can be used via special column inserted into your CGridView, using the attribute: class='EEditableColumn'.


	$grid_id = 'some-grid-view';
	$this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array(
		// to keep this extension working after changes:
		'afterAjaxUpdate'=>new CJavaScriptExpression(
			"function(id){ $('#'+id).EEditable(); }"),
				'class'=>'EEditableColumn', 'editable_type'=>'editbox',
				'class'=>'EEditableColumn', 'editable_type'=>'select',

At Server Side

This jQuery extension send a POST to the action defined in the tag attribute named: 'editable_action'. When used as a EEditableColumn then this url is provided via 'action' option (example: 'action'=>array('/some/ajaxeditcolumn')). The action send a POST (via ajax) to your server having this keys:

keyvalue	commonly identifyes the primary key value
name		the 'name' attribute value in your column definition
old_value	the original value previous to edition
new_value	the new value typed by the end user

As return, the ajax call expects from you to 'echo' the accepted value.

public function actionAjaxEditColumn(){
		$keyvalue	= $_POST["keyvalue"];  	// ie: 'userid123'
		$name		= $_POST["name"];	// ie: 'firstname'
		$old_value  = $_POST["old_value"];	// ie: 'patricia'
		$new_value  = $_POST["new_value"];	// ie: '  paTTy '

		// do some stuff here, and return the value to be displayed..
		$new_value = ucfirst(trim($new_value));
		echo $new_value;			// Patty

The extension stop working after updates.

Please remember to add this line in the widget attributes:

'afterAjaxUpdate'=>new CJavaScriptExpression("function(id){ $('#'+id).EEditable(); }"),

Exception Thrown when using CArrayDataProvider, why ?

An exception is thrown when a CArrayDataProvided is used and when the keyField is not defined:

The provided keyField 'id' is not defined in your data columns or array indexes 

How to fix:

Set a value in the 'keyField' attribute, look at the provided example below this lines:

$yourData = array(array("firstname"=>"jhonn","lastname"=>"doe"), ... );
$dp = new CArrayDataProvider($yourData,array(

When using this extension on a CActiveDataProvider then this problem doesn't occurs.

Implementing CSFR Tokens

Please refeer to the issue #4 to know more about how to implement two little changes for having a CSFR token successfully implemented. (Thanks to: "")

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Yii Version: Unknown
License: BSD-2-Clause
Category: User Interface
Developed by: bluyell
Created on: Apr 2, 2014
Last updated: 10 years ago


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