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Creating Tag Cloud Portlet

Tag cloud displays a list of post tags with visual decorations hinting the popularity of each individual tag.

1. Creating TagCloud Class

We create the TagCloud class in the file /wwwroot/blog/protected/components/TagCloud.php. The file has the following content:

class TagCloud extends Portlet
    public $title='Tags';
    public function getTagWeights()
        return Tag::model()->findTagWeights();
    protected function renderContent()

In the above we invoke the findTagWeights method which is defined in the Tag class. The method returns a list of tags with their relative frequency weights. If a tag is associated with more posts, it receives higher weights. We will use the weights to control how the tags are displayed.

2. Creating tagCloud View

The tagCloud view is saved in the file /wwwroot/blog/protected/components/views/tagCloud.php. For each tag returned by TagCloud::getTagWeights(), it displays a hyperlink which would lead to the page listing the posts with that tag. The font size of the link is determined according to the weight value of the tag. The higher the weight, the bigger the fone size.

3. Using TagCloud Portlet

Usage of the TagCloud portlet is very simple. We modify the layout file /wwwroot/blog/protected/views/layouts/main.php as follows,

<div id="sidebar">
<?php $this->widget('UserLogin',array('visible'=>Yii::app()->user->isGuest)); ?>
<?php $this->widget('UserMenu',array('visible'=>!Yii::app()->user->isGuest)); ?>
<?php $this->widget('TagCloud'); ?>