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Requirements Analysis

The blog system that we are going to develop is a single user system. The owner of the system will be able to perform the following actions:

  • Login and logout
  • Create, update and delete posts
  • Publish, unpublish and archive posts
  • Approve and delete comments

All other users are guest users who can perform the following actions:

  • Read posts
  • Create comments

Additional Requirements for this system include:

  • The homepage of the system should display a list of the most recent posts.
  • If a page contains more than 10 posts, they should be displayed in pages.
  • The system should display a post together with its comments.
  • The system should be able to list posts with a specified tag.
  • The system should show a cloud of tags indicating their use frequencies.
  • The system should show a list of most recent comments.
  • The system should be themeable.
  • The system should use SEO-friendly URLs.