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How to customize your grid columns visible and order by user themselves

Created 5 years ago by Scott_Huang, updated 5 years ago by Scott_Huang.

The export to excel function will affected by the final resorted columns in case you use my export grid to excel extends hzlexportgrid too, Since that export extention just depends on the grid columns configs, and that columns been customized by user themselves just now.

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Yii 1.1: How To add id or class to CMenu items ?

Created 7 years ago by Louis Gac, updated 7 years ago by Louis Gac.

CMenu comes with a lot of great customization options built in. One of the most used is the class 'active' being added to menu item. But, what if you want to add your own class or id to a menu item ?

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Override/Eliminate Bootstrap CSS/JS for Yii 2.0 widgets

Created 7 years ago by Kartik V, updated 3 years ago by CeBe.

An example of customizing the Yii GridView is mentioned here. You can easily override Bootstrap or other styling defaults by changing the GridView default options.

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Customizing the CMenu Widget

Created 8 years ago by mistryb, updated 7 years ago by mistryb.

The CMenu class provides some useful features for generating menus in your web application.

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Custom Number Formatting or Decimal Separators and i18n

Created 9 years ago by c@cba, updated 9 years ago by c@cba.

By default, the decimal separator in php (also in mysql) is a dot (.). So when we work with floats in Yii (in calculations, validation, sql statements etc.), the decimal separator has to be a dot. If we want to use for example a comma (,) as the decimal separator, that is if we want to display numbers and enable users to enter numbers with a comma before the decimals, we have to...

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Using CButtonColumn to customize buttons in CGridView

Created 11 years ago by Trejder, updated 9 years ago by Gismo.

The easiest way to customize look and behaviour of them is to use series of CButtonColumn properties, like: updateButtonImageUrl (path to image for update button), updateButtonLabel (label for the update button; not HTML-encoded), updateButtonOptions (HTML options for this button, used in the way as many htmlOptions property for many widgets) and updateButtonUrl (a PHP expresion th...

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