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Using Yii with Oracle through PDO

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Using Yii with Oracle through PDO

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echo 'pass = '.$user->pass.'<br /><br />';
You will get data only for first iteration and for first field in it. When evaluating second field, you app will throw exception saying that _Property Users.pass is undefined_.

Tip: The cause is seems to be only partially Oracle-related. Oracle does not rel
iesy on case-sensitivity of column names as long as they are not specified within quotation marks. If so, it takes exact column name spelling as provided. Therefore, it seems that somewhere in Yii code underlying below ActiveRecord there have to be a part which escapes table name with quotation mark, making above mentioned problems. ### Active Record and Oracle There is a large performance degradation when using AR in connections to Oracle, especially on a slow server. Original code written for AR works fine for MySQL and other RDBMS but fails on Oracle as it is using one of the slowest queries. One of possible solutions for this has been presented in article "[Incresing AR performance in connections with Oracle](http://www.yiiframework.com/wiki/118/incresing-ar-performance-in-connections-with-oracle/ "Incresing AR performance in connections with Oracle")".
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