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Saving files to a blob field in the database

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Saving files into a blob field in the database

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Save file using blob
After [this article
As a follow-up from the [How to upload a file using a model](http://www.yiiframework.com/wiki/2/how-to-upload-a-file-using-a-model/ "How to upload a file using a model") wiki entry that explains how to save a file into the filesystem, here anthis article forwill do the same using a blob field in the database. #### Edit the model:

The first step is to change the model in order to self manage the file:
class Candidate extends CActiveRecord
/** * Property for receiving the file from the form * It should be different fronm any other field in the database */ public $uploadedFile;          public function rules()         {
            return array(
return array(
array('uploadedFile', 'file', 'types'=>'jpg, gif, png'),             );
} /** *s Saves the name, size , type and data of the uploaded file */ public function beforeSave() { if($file=CUploadedFile::getInstance($this,'uploadedFile')) {
$this->file_name=$file->name; $this->file_type=$file->type; $this->file_size=$file->size; $this->file_content=file_get_contents($file->tempName);
} return parent::beforeSave();; } } ``` Do not forget to give a rule for this attribute, because as it has to be safe. Is also a good practice to delete any rule referring to the other 4 fields (file_name, file_type, file_size, file_content), becauseas they are not supposed to be modified by massively assigned inputs. #### Edit the view:

In the view we can put:
### Displaying images:

ForTo show the image we can write an action:
* Displays the preview of the photo. */ public function actionDisplay() { $model=$this->loadModel(); header('Content-Type: '.$model->file_type); echo $model->file_content; } ```
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