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CSS Naming Conventions

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- CSS class naming and style declaration for a widget view follow the similar rules for action views. For example, the `LatestComments` widget should use root CSS class name as `widget-latest-comments`, and declare its comment styles in the `widget-latest-comments.css` file like the following:

/* in widget-latest-comment.css file */
s .comment {

- A layout view file should also have a root container named after the layout name with prefix `layout-`. For example, the `main` layout should use CSS class named as `layout-main` for its root container. To avoid naming conflict with the inserted view content, the CSS class of container elements in the layout may be prefixed with the root container class name. For example, the header section may use the name `layout-main-header`; the content section may use `layout-main-content`.
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