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NetBeans IDE and Yii projects

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NetBeans IDE and Yii projects

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To run functional tests and unit tests in Yii, recommended is installing PHPUnit and SeleniumRC.

- Install PHPUnit
- Follow [the official version 3.6 installation instructions](http://www.phpunit.de/manual/3.6/en/installation.html).
- Open "Tools > Options > PHP > Unit Testing" and set the correct path to
phpunit.batthe launch script. This is phpunit.bat in Windows and usually /usr/bin/phpunit in Linux.
- Install SeleniumRC by getting the NetBeans plugin
- Open "Tools > Plugins > Available Plugins"
- Install "Selenium Module for PHP"
- Configure project options
- Open "File > Project properties > Sources" and set "Test Folder" to \[PROJECT ROOT\]/protected/tests (If the whole project testing doesn't work, try \[PROJECT ROOT\]/protected/tests/unit)
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