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Console Based CAuthManager Helper

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helper. how to create a batch file for better usage.
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Console Based CAuthManager Helper

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./yiic foo rbac --c="assign sometask admin"
#test if the user admin has access to the operation
./yiic foo rbac --c="check someopr admin"

How to create a Batch file for better usability:
As i mention before the original yii-based command line usage is not appropiated for this kind of task:  
   ./yiic foo rbac --c="list operation"
In order to help you when using the command line, i suggest you to write a batch file:
  $yourshell cd /yourapp/protected 
  $yourshell touch rbac  #create a empty file.
  $yourshell chmod +x rbac  #assign execution privilegies
  $yourshell echo "./yiic foo rbac --c=\"$1 $2 $3 $4\"" >> rbac
As result, you can do it in this way:
  $yourshell cd /yourapp/protected 
  $yourshell ./rbac list operation
  $yourshell ./rbac query somerole
  $yourshell ./rbac create operation someoper
How to Setup

The following steps will enable you to have basic console including a behavior designed to command your currently installed rbac feature. [Read more about install a CAuthManager based authentication manager](http://www.yiiframework.com/doc/guide/1.1/en/topics.auth#configuring-authorization-manager).

### Step1: Configure a CConsoleCommand
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