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How to keep filters simple in CGridView

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How to simply keep filters simple in CGridView

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The problem is not new: after setting some filters in a grid (tiypically in admin view), and gone to another page, returning in the grid's page I would like to find the filters with previous setting mantained.

There are extensions doing that (and more) but I always look for the simplest solution. So, thanking some users that in various contributes approach the problem, this is the simplest way I found.
The added code to obtain t
he result is just a few lines, as follows:

One step ahead
Some more to let cle
aring filters simpler too.  Just a little action, and a link somewhere in the grid's page to call it.

echo CHtml::link('Pulisci filtri', Yii::app()->controller->createUrl('pulisciFiltro'));
Destroying the variable, it restores the initial situation, clearing filters and setting, if present, the de
fault values too. It's all. Hope this is useful.
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