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Using search engine and user friendly URLs

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Using search engine and user friendly URLs

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The [Definitive Guide](/doc/guide/topics.url) introduces the fundamentals of managing URLs in a Yii application. In this tutorial, we introduce a practical technique that can quickly turn your application into using search-engine-friendly URLs. Asssume we have an application that mainly consists of CRUD operations for several object types. For example, in the blog demo, we need CRUD operations for `Post`, `Comment` and `User`. Using `Post` as an example, our goal is to implement its CRUD operations with the following URLs:

* reading a post: `http://example.com/post/99/this+is+a+sample+post`
* listing posts: `http://example.com/post`
* listing posts with pagination and sorting: `http://example.com/post?page=2&sort=title`
* creating a post: `http://example.com/post/create`
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