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Adding 'disabled' to CCheckBoxColumn and support for yiigridview.js

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Adding 'disabled' to CCheckBoxColumn and support for yiigridview.js

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I recently had to have a checkbox column in my grid view that supported the 'disabled' attribute. This was easy enough to do by extending the CCheckBoxColumn. Hwowever, I also wanted the checkbox to be selected when clicking on the table's row (supported via CGridView's selectableRows option). I discovered I had to tweak yiigridview.js so that it would not select disabled rows when clicking on it or clicking on the 'select all' checkbox.

### ECheckBoxColumn.php
### jquery.yiigridview.js
y this file andwith related files (css, img, etc) to /protected/assets/gridview/ or where ever you want it (if different, be sure to change it in the usage sceneario). I'm just going to link the whol e file here: http://pastebin.com/b5t9NdmZ

### Usage
Your code here...
### Limitations 'disabled' class is hard coded into the modified JS code. For me to add a custom 'disabled' class, I would have to extend CGridView, and to me it just wasn't worth adding a small property for it to be passed into yiigridview.js.
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