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Create custom button button with AJAX function in CGridView

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Create custom button button with AJAX function in CGridView

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1. [Introduction](#Intro)
2. [How to](#Howto)
3. [One example](#example)
<a id="Intro">Introduction</a>
### Introduction CButtonColumn in CGridView can be customised to include user built buttons. To learn a great deal about including custom buttons, [read this excellent wiki](http://www.yiiframework.com/wiki/106/using-cbuttoncolumn-to-customize-buttons-in-cgridview/ "this excellent wiki"). This tutorial will show how to call an action from one custom button using **AJAX** instead of regular GET calls. <a id="Howto">How to</a>
### How to
1. Create a custom button in your grid. You can follow [this tutorial](http://www.yiiframework.com/wiki/106/using-cbuttoncolumn-to-customize-buttons-in-cgridview/ "this excellent wiki") for that.
2. In the 'url' parameter of your button, you call your controller action:
This will call the controller function using AJAX instead of redirecting the user to the url using GET parameters.

<a id="example">Example</a>
### Example
We will create a button that sends email to the user and then prints a success flash screen.

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