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Custom Number Formatting or Decimal Separators and i18n

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Custom Number Formatting or Decimal Separators and i18n

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We usually assign the received user input (=POST variables) to the model before performing other operations (calculations, validaton, saving, etc.).<br>
Therefore we sugges to do the 'unformatting' during the assignment process. This way, after one of the following lines is executed:

$product->attributes = $_POST['Product']; // or ...
$product->setAttribute('price', $_POST['Product']['price']); // or ...
`$product->price` will be a valid numerical value and available for further use.
###2. The 'unformatting' of a number
Extend the CActiveRecord class and override its function
s `setAttribute()` and `setAttributes()` to add the 'unformatting' functionality. <br>
For this, create the new file `components/ActiveRecord.php` with the following content:

  public function setAttribute($name,$value) {
    $column = $this->getTableSchema()->getColumn($name); // new
    if (stripos($column->dbType, 'decimal') !== false) // new
      $value = Yii::app()->format->unformatNumber($value); // new
    else if(isset($this->getMetaData()->columns[$name]))
      return false;
    return true;

Derive all models from this new ActiveRecord class. For example in the Product model `models/Product.php` edit the following line:

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