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Custom Number Formatting or Decimal Separators and i18n

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Custom Number Formatting or Decimal Separators and i18n

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decimal separator, number format, i18n, customize, floating point numbers, localization

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By default, the decimal separator in php (also in mysql) is a dot (.). So when we work with floats in Yii (in calculations, validation, sql statements etc.), the decimal separator has to be a dot. If we want to use for example a comma (,) as the decimal separator in our application, that is if we want to display numbers and enable users to enter numbers with a comma before the decimals, we have to:...

1. format the float value before printing/echoing : handle the output : 4.45 => "4,45"

Related Links
- Wiki: [How to handle decimal separators (e.g comma instead of dot) for l18n](http://www.yiiframework.com/wiki/298/how-to-handle-decimal-separators-e-g-comma-instead-of-dot-for-l18n "How to handle decimal separators (e.g comma instead of dot) for l18n")
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- Wiki: [How to extend CFormatter, add i18n support to booleanFormat and use it in CDetailView](http://www.yiiframework.com/wiki/305/how-to-extend-cformatter-add-i18n-support-to-booleanformat-and-use-it-in-cdetailview/ "How to extend CFormatter, add i18n support to booleanFormat and use it in CDetailView")
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