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Publish yii webapp using Git push

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Publish yii webapp using Git push

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## Warning ## I did not invent this instructions, I read it somewhere and re-organize itd in my way as I was trying and it works for me; Assuming server is Ubuntu Linux; If you have dynamic files uploaded by user, **PLEASE donwnload them first** before you git push to publish, if you lose them by using this instruction, don't come back to blame on me! I am not an expert on git nor in server security, use theis instructions at your own risk;

## [on server] - install git, nothing fancy just basic

under "/var/www/app-root/private" create file .htaccess (double secure in case accident happen
## [on local] - prepare for git push

modify or add the foll
wowing content to /app-root/.git/config
git push pro
uduction master ``` enjoy!
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