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How to write secure Yii applications

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How to write secure Yii applications

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security, authorization, authentication, XSS, SQL injection

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This function is in fact a wrapper on `htmlspecialchars()` with your application's characters set
(to be exact, it's not a charset but a character encoding).
So if your texts are not (yet) in UTF-8, you should declare a charset in the global config
(e.g. `'charset' => 'ISO-8859-1'` in the first level of "protected/config/main.php").

You may want to apply `strip
_tags()`, to remove HTML/XML tags before escaping.
Beware, this function is not secure, so do not use it without `CHtml::encode()`.

#### Rich text (HTML)

If you want to allow HTML in the user input, then you have to display it raw.
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