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Yii v2 for beginners

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Now you can open the page for adding a new user and you will see than so far nothing changed :-)

- [http://localhost/basic-/web/index.php?r=user%2Fcreate](http://localhost/basic-/web/index.php?r=user%2Fcreate)

We must change the language ... For now let's do it in a primitive
way. Open the userController, find actionCreate() and paste this code:
Yii::$app->language = "cs-CZ"; // use your language
and permanent way again in file config/web.php
$config = [
    // use your language
    // also accessible via Yii::$app->language
    'language' => 'cs-CZ',
    'sourceLanguage' => 'en-US', // en-US is default value, try not to change it.

Note: This language-setting will be forgotten as soon as you click somewhere. In next chapter we will enhance this ..

Switching languages + session + dropdown in the top menu
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