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Yii v2 for beginners

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If you must use MyISAM instead of InnoDB, just change the word InnoDB into MYISAM.

Then use GII to generate model, views and controller. The URL will probably be
- [http://localhost/basic/web/index.php?r=gii](http://localhost/basic/web/index.php?r=gii).
- When creating the model, check this checkbox: **Enable I18N** ... we will need i18n later
- Note that there already is a model named User in the demo app. You will not need it if you want to use login-via-DB so feel free to check "Overwrite" in GII. The newly created User model will now be usable only for table operations, not for login. But we will enhance it, keep reading.

Login via database + Session
... text ...

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