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Yii v2 snippet guide

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It will show some statistics and recommend enhancements so that your web is nicely shown on FB and Twitter or found by Google.

Important are for example OG meta tags or [TWITTER meta tags](https://developer.twitter.com/en/docs/tweets/optimize-with-cards/overview/summary). They are basicly the same. Read more [here](https://css-tricks.com/essential-meta-tags-social-media/). You can test them at [iframely.com](http://debug.iframely.com).

Basic tags are following and you should place them to head:
- Note that Twitter is using attribute "name" instead of
attribute "property" which is defined in OG ... 
- btw OG was introduced by Facebook. Twitter can process it as well, but SEO optimizers will report an error when Twitter's tags are missing.


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