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Yii v2 snippet guide

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If you want to allow user to enter html-formatted text, you need to use some HTML wysiwyg editor, because ordinary TextArea can only work with plain text. It seems to me that [Summernote](https://summernote.org/getting-started/#simple-example) is the simplest addon available:

// Add following code to file layouts/main.php ..
// But make sure jquery is already loaded !!
 - Read aboveut this topic in chapter "Adding a google-like calendar"

<!-- include summernote css/js -->

iOn this tutorialpage I showed how to save Contacts inqueries into database. If you want to use thise richtechxt editor in this section, open view contasct/\_form.php and just add this JS code:

'attributes' => [
// ...
 // html ], ]) ``` ... to discover all possible formatters, check all asXXX() functions on [this](https://www.yiiframework.com/doc/api/2.0/yii-i18n-formatter) page: 
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