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Understanding the view rendering flow

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Understanding the view rendering flow

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as we saw, the contact.php is rendered before the layout, so every field( aka class parameters), you change from the view file (contact.php) will effect the layout because it rendered after...

#### And the main confusion:
**6)** what is called before what? what the heck is going on there ? ;-)
<center> **contact.php (passed as content)-> column1.php (passed as content)-> main.php**
That's it, now you pro in layouts ;-)
Actually before writing this tutorial I was more in the "rules follower" group ...
<img src="http://i30.fastpic.ru/big/2011/1007/21/6c07cda81e332dba19bd59a812abc121.png" width="750"/></center>
That's it, now you pro in layouts ;-)
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