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Yii registry, how to use it, does it exist at all?

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global state
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Yii registry, how to use it, does it exist at all?

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Zend_Registry, registry, params, CMap, magic, get, set

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return array(
'abc' =>123,

Addition 1: Yii global state
The params array, can be good registry for the current life cycle.
but yii also has something called "globalstate", it allow you save the data "forever"
CApplication has 3 methods:<br>
**getGlobalState**(string **$key**, mixed **$defaultValue**=NULL)<br>
**setGlobalState**(string **$key**, mixed $value, mixed **$defaultValue**=NULL)<br>
every thing you set via setGlobalState will be saved in runtime/global.bin in serialized form
Some common component that use it is CSecurityManager for validation key
Links ----- [Russian version](http://resurtm.kz/registry-in-yii)
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