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Guidelines for good schema design

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Guidelines for good schema design

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If you have to look it up, it makes the code much more difficult to read and maintain.

[Chinese translation](http://www.yiiwiki.com/wiki/view/id/10/title/%E8%89%AF%E5%A5%BD%E7%9A%84%E6%9E%B6%E6%9E%84%28schema%29%E8%AE%BE%E8%AE%A1%E6%8C%87%E5%8D%97version: [良好的架构(schema)设计指南](http://www.yiiwiki.com/6 "中文翻译") - Russian version: [Руководство для проектирования хорошей схемы базы данных](http://phptime.ru/blog/yii/28.html) - Japanese version: [DB スキーマ設計のガイドライン](http://qiita.com/items/63e68a0172a1d2f92b5c)
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