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How to write a simple application component

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Singleton in YiiHow to write a simple application component

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SingletonApplication component ------------------ Singleton is a desing pattern that is very useful when exactly one object is needed to coordinate actiAn application component is a confortable way for share information amonsg across the system.
In Yii there are many implementation of this pattern, for example Yii::app()->db.
In this article we will learn how to create a singleton.
ll component of the application
In Yii there are many application components, for example Yii::app()->db.

### Creating the class
Let's imagine we need almost everywhere an instance of the class Region, and we want to avoid to do too much queries.

We can create a class which extends CApplicationCompo
mnent, like that:
### Conclusion

This approach can be very useful and resource-saving, b
ut is better to avoid to as it introduces global state into an application, and that can lead to bad practicesecause we do at most only a single query.
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