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Single sign on across multiple subdomains

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Single sign on across multiple subdomains

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* The Yii application ID is used to generate a unique signed key, used as a prefix to access user state information. The ID should be set manually so that it is identical for each Yii application that needs to share cookies and sessions.

Finally, the user cookie parameters must also be set to be identical as in the configuration file :

public $identityCookie = array(
'path' => '/', 'domain' => '.yourdomain.com', 'httpOnly' => true
Or you can grab the settings from the configuration settings. This is especially useful when the settings will change, for example to set different domain names and/or paths for local, pre-production and production environments.
class MyWebUser extends CWebUser
public function init()
$conf = Yii::app()->session->cookieParams;
$this->identityCookie = array(
'path' => $conf['path'],
'domain' => $conf['domain'],
``` **That's it !!!** This setup has been tested pretty thouroughly, but please provide comments/suggestions below on improving this article.
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