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Extending common classes to allow better customization

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The framework base class is in fact CController, and Controller is the blog demo's helper class. Fixed a previous revision, plus added the note about the blog demo Controller helper class
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Extending common classes to allow better customization

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// in protected/components/MyController.php

class MyController extends
CController {

Note: the common Yii convention is to remove the leading `C` when creating custom classes, by I believe it's more obvious that these are user-defined classes by using the `My` prefix. But choose the convention you prefer.

Note#2: If you're looking at the Blog demo, the application controllers **already** extend from `protected/components/Controller.php`, which is the blog's helper class of this kind - no need to extend it again.
Once these class files have been created, edit each of your controllers and models:

// in protected/controllers/PostController.php

class PostController extends MyController {
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