New Features

This page summarizes the main new features introduced in each Yii release.

1. Version 1.1.15

2. Version 1.1.14

3. Version 1.1.11

4. Version 1.1.8

5. Version 1.1.7

6. Version 1.1.6

7. Version 1.1.5

8. Version 1.1.4

9. Version 1.1.3

10. Version 1.1.2

11. Version 1.1.1

  • Added CActiveForm which simplifies writing form-related code and supports seamless and consistent validation on both client and server sides.

  • Refactored the code generated by the yiic tool. In particular, the skeleton application is now generated with multiple layouts; the operation menu is reorganized for CRUD pages; added search and filtering feature to the admin page generated by crud command; used CActiveForm to render a form.

  • Added support to allow defining global yiic commands

12. Version 1.1.0

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