Yii 1.1: yii-embed-opencart

A lightweight Yii application embedded into OpenCart

A lightweight Yii application embedded into OpenCart


  • Yii is available from anywhere in OpenCart using Yii::app() or Yii::foobar
  • OpenCart registry is available from anywhere in Yii using Yii::app()->registry
  • Controllers and Modules are handled by the OpenCart not_found.php controller
  • Models are built that represent all OpenCart-1.5.6 tables including relations
  • Generate models for all your tables in one step and create standard Yii Crud using Gii
  • Autoload any of your Yii models and components from anywhere in OpenCart
  • Widgets can be rendered and will auto-include their stylesheet and javascript files
  • OpenCart controllers and child actions can be run within Yii
  • Uses Yii pretty error message and stack dump

The following Yii components are pre-configured to work in your OpenCart:


Head over to [yii-embed-opencart on GitHub] for the Download, Requirements, Installation, Configuration, Examples and more.

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cornernote at 2014/04/21 07:42pm

Hey @xtreem, I just added a link to the documentation in the description - http://cornernote.github.io/yii-embed-opencart/

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xtreem at 2014/04/21 06:44pm
good work

Nice!... but how do i use it? i cant find any example or instruction

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cornernote at 2013/12/15 10:17pm

Thanks for commenting. In theory there is no reason this won't work on older opencart installs. You may not be able to use the vQmod install, but us folk who code yii find that vQmod makes your site harder to debug. Install is only a couple of small injections into files. If you try it out, let me know your version and if it works.

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radoo at 2013/12/15 04:11pm
excellent work

haven't upgraded my opencart installations recently, but once I do, this is one module to put to work.

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