Yii 1.1: phundament

Yii Application Foundation via composer


Version 3-0.19.1

What is Phundament?

Phundament is a solid, highly customizable universal application foundation built with composer upon Yii Framework.

It's goal is the seamless integration of Yii extensions and libraries bundled in composer packages packages. Read on…


Step 1

A) If you have composer already installed

composer.phar create-project --prefer-dist phundament/app

B) Download, extract, enter the app root folder and start the installation process with php composer.phar install --prefer-dist

When asked, enter your desired admin credentials and apply the database migrations.

Step 2

Open phundament-app/www/index.php in your browser

Step 3

Manage your application

Note: if you want to install Phundament 3 with a MySQL database, you have to update your config first, see the Setup section in our wiki. You may add the --dev and --prefer-source options on development systems.



  • Try a test-drive at the Demo Page
    • Login with editor / editor or register by e-mail.


Continuous Integration

Build Status




Social Networks


  • phundament@usrbin.de

Total 20 comments

#13160 report it
schmunk at 2013/05/09 12:28pm
@hemc: YiiBoilerplate structure

You've like two options, have a look at Yiinitializer from Antonio, the intermediate template has the setup you're looking for.

But you can also create a fork from Phundament, basically you'd have to copy and rename the app folder into frontend and backend and add a common folder.

btw: You could also limit the access to specific controller actions (and views) with RBAC in phundament/app.

#13145 report it
hemc at 2013/05/08 03:58am
Use Phundament in Yii boilerplate directory structure.

I want to use Phundament with Yii boilerplate directory structure.. Basically i want to separate Frontend and Backend with separate login. Frontend logged in user should have only access to view files and backend to edit.

#9858 report it
schmunk at 2012/09/16 03:00pm
Login fixed

@kinetic_one: Thank for your notice, I just fixed that. You should also be able to register an account by e-mail.

#9857 report it
kinetic_one at 2012/09/16 02:16pm
login test


I'd like to login into the demo, but editor/editor doesn't work.

What is the right admin login for the demo? Thx.

#8151 report it
schmunk at 2012/05/13 03:22am

I posted some questions to you over here

#8139 report it
Asterisk Pound at 2012/05/12 06:41pm

I guess I didn't need to but the only reason I did was because nothing was happening, and so I thought phar wasn't installed.

#8137 report it
Asterisk Pound at 2012/05/12 06:31pm
No output whatsoever

I tried the command you suggested and got no output whatsoever.

I tried editing the file and putting echo to see how far I got but it messed up the sha1 signature and phar got mad.

#8136 report it
schmunk at 2012/05/12 06:18pm
@brassman79: Could you try this

Please post the complete output of an verbose update.

php composer.phar -v update

But, I think either here or here may be a more suitable location.

And why did you install the phar with PECL and did not use the one in the download package?


#8135 report it
Asterisk Pound at 2012/05/12 05:54pm
Installation issues

I'm not getting any errors any output ... I issue the command just like above and used pecl to install phar, but still nothing.

Any help is appreciated.

#7389 report it
schmunk at 2012/03/19 07:18pm
Just updated the website

http://phundament.com/ with all the new stuff ... have a look.

#7083 report it
Tibor Katelbach at 2012/02/23 01:04am
migrations available in data/....sql, Localisation ?

Hi nice work it would be usefull for those who can't run scripts to have a data folder for any widgets migration

so we could do it the old way as well

I can't find much about localisation ?

There is a strange comment in the main.php with # instead of //

'ext.gtc.components.*', // gtc

'application.modules.user.components.*', // Hack: gtc fix

This blocks the front end from showing properly only works when uncommented

has anyone experienced any issues with removing index.php ? I'm having issues when keeping 'showScriptName' => false ? any idea ?

#6777 report it
schmunk at 2012/02/04 11:55am
@Tiff: Login fixed

Thank you.

#6775 report it
Tiff at 2012/02/04 05:33am
password doesn't work again


#5548 report it
schmunk at 2011/10/19 02:58pm
@luc: Thanks a lot for your feedback

Thanks :) I'll get back to you with answers tomorrow - got a really big server issue at the moment :(, I would also like to move the discussion over to the forum.

To other devs/testers: This is exactly the information I need. Please post your bugs/problems in the forum.

btw: What's your dev system?

#5545 report it
luc at 2011/10/19 11:41am
Good but some troubles ...

Hi Schmunk ! This is really a good job that will save time to developers. It was not so easy to install: migrations of rights and p3media gave me mysql errors because of the foreign keys. Once the application running I'm having now routes troubles: - rights: only assignment controller and its actions can be resolved, authItem controller and all its actions give a "404 not found" error - yii-user: same problem with the profileField controller and its actions - p3media: same problem with the p3Media controller - gii: same problem with "fullCrud" and "fullModel"

and finally: also in gii: portlet generator give me an exception: "PortletGenerator.widgets.ddeditor.DDEditor is invalid" (in protected/extensions/gtc/portlet/views/__comment.php line (9))

#5509 report it
schmunk at 2011/10/17 02:41pm
@lubosdz: Login fixed

Works again, thanks!

PS: Have to find a way to protect the password setting :(

#5508 report it
lubosdz at 2011/10/17 01:59pm
Login not working

Login with editor/editor shows error:

Please fix the following input errors: Password is incorrect.

#5468 report it
schmunk at 2011/10/14 09:20am
@Chris83: Rights migrations

I've added migration classes for rights. The first one creates the database schema together with 'admin' and 'demo' users. Second one creates an 'editor' with custom permissions. Migration classes are created with the dumpschema command.

#5467 report it
schmunk at 2011/10/14 09:16am
Fixed a bug in the demo

Unknown properties are now handled with an warning message.

#5462 report it
Chris83 at 2011/10/14 01:53am

Thank you for choosing Rights, have you made any improvements to the module?

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