Yii 1.1: cmssitestructuremodule

Module for managing pages


  1. Create Page/PageSet/Link
  2. Sort items
  3. Set page templates, subtemplates, layouts
  4. Set title, metatags, description
  5. Public\Authorised access to pages.

Main feature: Absolute URLS from the root of project without creating controllers.


Yii 1.4 or above.


  1. copy files of module to modules/cms.
  2. activate module in config:
        // this layout will be set by default if no layout set for page
  1. Module uses nested set extension and translitUrl extension. Extensions are not in archive, you can download extensions in archive extensions.zip and unpack them to application.extensions path.


    'application.extensions.nestedset.*', // import nested set extension
  1. set components config
    'tablePrefix'=>'', // even empty table prefix required!!!

Copy .htaccess from archive to root directory of project

  1. Installation database(mysql): go to cms module via route PROJECT_ROOT/cms/install Press "install database" link.

  2. After database installed, log in, go to http://PROJECT_URL/cms/and manage your pages!!!



put this code to your default conntroller:

public function actionIndex()

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#14887 report it
Wilbo at 2013/09/18 09:31am
CmsHandler not found

Hi there, When I try to visit cms/ I get the following error:

You Are Not Authorized To Perform This Action. (c: \wamp\yii\framework\web\auth\CAccessControlFilter.php:182)

Any ideas?

#8627 report it
Pentium10 at 2012/06/14 01:44pm
no demo

Demo URL seams to be no longer working, where can I check it out?

#4262 report it
YogiYang at 2011/06/21 06:08am
Not working on Linux

I tried this module and it works like a charm on Windows server.

But when I moved my test site to Linux server it does not work.

I managed to get the cms pages to display properly but I am not able to get the admin side from where we manage pages to work properly.

What to do?


Yogi Yang

#4146 report it
aliaksej at 2011/06/09 03:58am
More info required

which version of Yii are you using? Which database throws this error? I've setted my module on clean Yii 1.1.7 and everything works well...

Please describe situation.

#4050 report it
peili at 2011/06/01 06:53am

Any idea about that error?

There is already an active transaction (/Users/linux-user/mydata/webproject/yii/framework/db/CDbConnection.php:460)
#0 /Users/linux-user/mydata/webproject/yii/framework/db/CDbConnection.php(460): PDO->beginTransaction()
#1 /Users/linux-user/mydata/webproject/yii/protected/extensions/nestedset/TreeBehavior.php(840): CDbConnection->beginTransaction()
#2 /Users/linux-user/mydata/webproject/yii/protected/extensions/nestedset/TreeBehavior.php(674): TreeBehavior->moveNode(Object(TreeBehavior), true, true)
#3 [internal function]: TreeBehavior->moveBelow(Object(TreeBehavior))
#4 /Users/linux-user/mydata/webproject/yii/framework/base/CComponent.php(261): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
#5 /Users/linux-user/mydata/webproject/yii/framework/db/ar/CActiveRecord.php(213): CComponent->__call('moveBelow', Array)
#6 [internal function]: CActiveRecord->__call('moveBelow', Array)
#7 /Users/linux-user/mydata/webproject/yii/protected/extensions/nestedset/TreeBehavior.php(375): Cms->moveBelow(Object(TreeBehavior))
#8 [internal function]: TreeBehavior->appendChild(Object(Cms))
#9 /Users/linux-user/mydata/webproject/yii/framework/base/CComponent.php(261): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
#10 /Users/linux-user/mydata/webproject/yii/framework/db/ar/CActiveRecord.php(213): CComponent->__call('appendChild', Array)
#11 [internal function]: CActiveRecord->__call('appendChild', Array)
#12 /Users/linux-user/mydata/webproject/yii/protected/modules/cms/controllers/CmsController.php(144): Cms->appendChild(Object(Cms))
#13 [internal function]: CmsController->actionUpdate('12')
#14 /Users/linux-user/mydata/webproject/yii/framework/web/actions/CAction.php(104): ReflectionMethod->invokeArgs(Object(CmsController), Array)
#15 /Users/linux-user/mydata/webproject/yii/framework/web/actions/CInlineAction.php(48): CAction->runWithParamsInternal(Object(CmsController), Object(ReflectionMethod), Array)
#16 /Users/linux-user/mydata/webproject/yii/framework/web/CController.php(300): CInlineAction->runWithParams(Array)
#17 /Users/linux-user/mydata/webproject/yii/framework/web/filters/CFilterChain.php(133): CController->runAction(Object(CInlineAction))
#18 /Users/linux-user/mydata/webproject/yii/framework/web/filters/CFilter.php(41): CFilterChain->run()
#19 /Users/linux-user/mydata/webproject/yii/framework/web/CController.php(1122): CFilter->filter(Object(CFilterChain))
#20 /Users/linux-user/mydata/webproject/yii/framework/web/filters/CInlineFilter.php(59): CController->filterAccessControl(Object(CFilterChain))
#21 /Users/linux-user/mydata/webproject/yii/framework/web/filters/CFilterChain.php(130): CInlineFilter->filter(Object(CFilterChain))
#22 /Users/linux-user/mydata/webproject/yii/framework/web/CController.php(283): CFilterChain->run()
#23 /Users/linux-user/mydata/webproject/yii/framework/web/CController.php(257): CController->runActionWithFilters(Object(CInlineAction), Array)
#24 /Users/linux-user/mydata/webproject/yii/framework/web/CWebApplication.php(328): CController->run('update')
#25 /Users/linux-user/mydata/webproject/yii/framework/web/CWebApplication.php(121): CWebApplication->runController('cms/cms/update/...')
#26 /Users/linux-user/mydata/webproject/yii/framework/base/CApplication.php(155): CWebApplication->processRequest()
#27 /Users/linux-user/mydata/webproject/yii/htdocs/index.php(23): CApplication->run()
#28 {main}
#3315 report it
Tommo at 2011/04/02 04:30am
Also unable to install

Getting same error as utkarshpanwar

#2885 report it
utkarsh at 2011/02/22 01:01am
Unable to install

I am new to php and yii.

I have followed all the step given above but on running it i am getting the error below, kindly let me know how to resolve this?

( ! ) Notice: Undefined variable: id in E:\wamp\www\realestate\protected\modules\cms\components\CmsHandler.php on line 11 Call Stack

Time Memory Function Location

1 0.0005 371088 {main}( ) ..\index.php:0 2 0.0210 1893056 CApplication->run( ) ..\index.php:13 3 0.0210 1893056 CWebApplication->processRequest( ) ..\CApplication.php:155 4 0.0238 2090928 CWebApplication->runController( ) ..\CWebApplication.php:121 5 0.0312 2624680 CController->run( ) ..\CWebApplication.php:328 6 0.0323 2659928 CController->runActionWithFilters( ) ..\CController.php:257 7 0.0340 2738128 CFilterChain->run( ) ..\CController.php:283 8 0.0342 2739024 CInlineFilter->filter( ) ..\CFilterChain.php:130 9 0.0342 2739088 CController->filterAccessControl( ) ..\CInlineFilter.php:59 10 0.0353 2823688 CFilter->filter( ) ..\CController.php:1088 11 0.0394 3108752 CFilterChain->run( ) ..\CFilter.php:41 12 0.0394 3108752 CController->runAction( ) ..\CFilterChain.php:133 13 0.0394 3108752 CInlineAction->run( ) ..\CController.php:300 14 0.0394 3110088 ReflectionMethod->invokeArgs( ) ..\CInlineAction.php:54 15 0.0394 3110104 CmsController->actionAdmin( ) ..\CmsController.php:0 16 0.0984 5689112 CController->render( ) ..\CmsController.php:172 17 0.0984 5689176 CController->renderPartial( ) ..\CController.php:746 18 0.0986 5689528 CBaseController->renderFile( ) ..\CController.php:833 19 0.0986 5689592 CBaseController->renderInternal( ) ..\CBaseController.php:88 20 0.0993 5746728 require( 'E:\wamp\www\realestate\protected\modules\cms\views\cms\admin.php' ) ..\CBaseController.php:119 21 0.1017 5764904 CApplication->handleError( ) ..\CApplication.php:0 22 0.1029 5798328 CApplication->getErrorHandler( ) ..\CApplication.php:714 23 0.1029 5798384 CModule->getComponent( ) ..\CApplication.php:435 24 0.1031 5799496 YiiBase::createComponent( ) ..\CModule.php:371 25 0.1042 5873160 CmsHandler->__construct( ) ..\YiiBase.php:211

#2583 report it
drumaddict at 2011/01/19 05:45am
getTreeViewData function

Hi,great extension.I would be grateful if you could explain what is happening inside getTreeViewData function in TreeMenu class,it is used to convert a flat array of nodes into nested one.For example I have yet to grasp what the position array does or the lastitem variable.It would be very helpful to me if you could very briefely outline the logic you use to build the nested array of nodes.Thanks in advance.

#2539 report it
Joblo at 2011/01/15 09:09am
Update: Problem with errorhandler

Sorry, had a mistake ...

The function run can look like this:

public function run($actionID)
        $page = Cms::model()->find('url=:url',array(':url'=>$actionID));
        if ($page)

You don't need to always add the "pageRoute" in the url field when creating pages.

#2538 report it
Joblo at 2011/01/15 08:54am
Problem with errorhandler

I have tested your cms and it seems to be very usefull for me, thanks :-) But I have a problem with your way to activate your CmsHandler by installing your errorhandler. I have changed your code to a more "serios" way, so you don't need the errorhandler.

  1. Register your CmsHandler in config/main.php with a path "content"
  'controllerMap' => array(

Changes in your CmsHandler.php 2. Add a public property

public $pageRoute = 'content';
  1. Override the function run from CController
public function run($actionID)
        $page = Cms::model()->find('url=:url',
                                       array(':url'=>$this-  >pageRoute.'/'.$actionID));
        if ($page)

That's all.

You don't need the functions "handle()" and "initCms()" in your controller and registering your errorhandler any more.


When creating or calling pages you always have to use the prefix "content/..." in the url. Maybe this "pageRoute" can be set automatically when saving the url of the page or generating menus ...

#2399 report it
Gustavo at 2010/12/23 10:39am

Requirements ¶

Yii 1.4 or above. --- tis actually Yii 1.1.4 it is a good idea the project

#2258 report it
Trejder at 2010/12/03 06:28am
Post comments in English

@GOsha: Please post your comments in English, so also non-Russian-speaking users can understand, what you mean! Thank you!

#2208 report it
aliaksej at 2010/11/25 04:09pm
Re: Looks not bad

This is module for managing pages - not CMS.

#2207 report it
GOsha at 2010/11/25 03:50pm
Looks not bad

Looks not bad, I thisnk it will partially used in my project. Но все равно, сыровато немного выглядит. На CMS немного не тянет. Способность к расширяемости практически нулевая.

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