Yii 1.1: languagepicker

This will allow you to create language picker in second


This is a simple widget to pick a language from your internalizations available! It automatically searches your /application/messages/ for available translations and put it in the list, and user can pick it. This little CPortel, so it is easy to make it look cooler via css or even little flags for languages ;-)


Ability to follow instructions, and have Yii installed ;-)


Download the extension, and put it in your extensions directory. I'm sure most of you extend CController...

it uses CPhpMessageSource

so in your main config should be

'messages' => array(
            'class' => 'CPhpMessageSource'

Actually it is the default, so you can omit it ...

Put inside CController::init() , or in beforeAction method


In your view, put:

$this->widget('ext.LanguagePicker.ELanguagePicker', array(

And you're done...

If you don't have any directories inside messages/ just create some, for example : ru, he, en etc. and you will the the list created

feel free to customize it, improve it, and don't forget to share your improvements ;-)

Additional links

Make sure you check out my theme picker also http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/themepicker

Little lesson in intenalization:

If you new to Yii maybe you don't know how to use internalization: Create 2 directories under APPPATH/messages/ lang1 and lang2

than, create there a file app.php

put inside lang1/app.php the following:

return array(
    'abc' => ''this is first language translation',

put inside lang2/app.php the following:

return array(
    'abc' => 'this is second language translation',

Now insert in your view

echo Yii::t('app', 'abc');

And try to play with language selector, and you will understand in seconds how it works

even more info

you can add for example in main.php

'sourceLanguage' => 'en',
'language' => 'ru',

language will be the default translation, and you must know that translation happens only if sourceLanguage differs from language

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zawaruddin at 2013/05/08 04:32am
Adding code for applied in html link tag

you may add this code in function setLanguage,

else if((Yii::app()->request->getParam('languageSelector') !== null && in_array($_GET['languageSelector'], self::getLanguagesList(), true))){
            $cookie = new CHttpCookie('language', $_GET['languageSelector']);
            $cookie->expire = time() + 60*60*24*$cookieDays; 
            Yii::app()->request->cookies['language'] = $cookie;

so this extension can be applied to a html link tag (with GET parameter) like this

Your code here...
<a <?php echo $id;?> href="<?php $url['languageSelector'] = 'id'; echo $this->createAbsoluteUrl($main_url, $url);?>" title="Indonesian Language"><img src="<?php echo Yii::app()->request->baseUrl; ?>/img/indonesia.gif" alt="Indonesia" /></a>
                <a <?php echo $ja;?> href="<?php $url['languageSelector'] = 'ja'; echo $this->createAbsoluteUrl($main_url, $url);?>" title="Japanese Language"><img src="<?php echo Yii::app()->request->baseUrl; ?>/img/japan.gif" alt="Japan" /></a>
                <a <?php echo $en;?> href="<?php $url['languageSelector'] = 'en'; echo $this->createAbsoluteUrl($main_url, $url);?>" title="English Language"><img src="<?php echo Yii::app()->request->baseUrl; ?>/img/english.gif" alt="English" /></a>
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C.S.Putera at 2012/11/22 11:59pm
Change Dropdown List Items

Hi, tks for the extension. Just wanna share how I apply this extension. I also use MultilingualBehavior which required to add params in config/main.php and I want so that there is conformity between these two extension and there is no multiple locale values. So this is how I apply this :

i. Set the params in config/main.php (params' key should be the same with the directory names):

'translatedLanguages' => array('en_us'=> 'English', 'in' => 'Indonesia','zh' => 'Chinese')

ii. In ELanguagePicker :

     * @var string to decide the dropdown source
    public $params = '';
        /* ... Line 47, change the dropdownlist source ... */
        $this->params == '' ? $translations = self::getLanguagesList() : $translations = Yii::app()->params[$this->params]; 
        /* ... */

iii. This is how I call the extension (add "params" to tell the name of your params. If you dont tell the params name, the it will get the list from the directories' name):

$this->widget('ext.LanguagePicker.ELanguagePicker', array('params'=>'translatedLanguages'));
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perteweb at 2012/03/07 05:26am
yes! :D

Im interested in changing drowdown menu for flags too

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damnated at 2012/02/22 07:20am
Different option value/name?

Would it be possible to have different values and names for the options? Ie.

<option value="en">English</option>

I could use 'English' as the folder name for English translations, however, accented folders are not displayed in the select so this isn't an option in every case.

LE: I did this by having a language table with language codes (folder names) and language names :)

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dckurushin at 2011/09/26 04:55am
Re: roopz

If you ask for simple solution just replace text with images:

<option style="background-image: url('./images/language/ru.gif');">ru</option>
<option style="background-image: url('./images/language/en.gif');">en</option>


TO do so, the simplest way is to customize the dropDownOptions array,

this is a good start:

$this->widget('ext.LanguagePicker.ELanguagePicker', array(
          'dropDownOptions' => array('style'=>''),

Also some more advanced javascript / jQuery will make it look even cooler

If you want to see an implementation of jQuery solution with dialog box, check out this project


It has very cool language picker with dialog box...

#5239 report it
Roopz at 2011/09/26 04:48am
Awesome.. Flags instead of Dropdown.

Its Wonder full, and easy to understand... I like it. Can you please explain, how to use, Flags, instead of Dropdown language select?

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