Yii 2.0: yii2-giiant

Extended models and CRUDs for Gii, the code generator of Yii2 Framework

What is it?

Giiant provides templates for model and CRUD generation with relation support and a sophisticated UI. A main project goal is porting many features and learnings from gtc, giix, awecrud and others into one solution.

Please visit GitHub for the latest information and documentation.


Model generator

  • generates separate model classes to customize and base models classes to regenerate
  • table prefixes can be stipped off model class names (not bound to db connection setting)

CRUD generator

  • model, view and controller locations can be customized to use subfolders
  • horizontal and vertical form layout
  • action button class customization (Select "App Class" option on the Action Button Class option on CRUD generator to customize)
  • input, attribute, column and relation customization with provider queue
  • callback provider to inject any kind of code for inputs, attributes and columns via dependency injection


  • CallbackProvider universal provider to modify any input, attribute or column with highly flexible callback functions
  • RelationProvider renders code for relations (eg. links, dropdowns)
  • EditorProvider renders RTE, like Ckeditor as input widget
  • DateTimeProvider renders date inputs



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Donn Edwards at 2017/01/03 05:55am
How is CRUD Different from gii?

I'm looking at the screenshots on GitHub and the edit screen seems to be the same as that generated by Gii. I'm looking for stuff like dropdown boxes for foreign keys, checkboxes for boolean fields, and text fields that are the proper length for the field size. WITHOUT having to hand code it. Will Giiant help with this?

#19609 report it
Echo Seven at 2015/09/30 08:17pm

interesting. AccessFilters are epic. though, for the commands, i meant more of "generating command controllers" which, since yii1 also supported it, there was a gii tool that allowed you to fill out a few fields and generate all kinds of console command controllers. in yii2, or at least in the copy i have, that seems to be not the case. though, giiant seems to be very nice so far. using it now on a project. the only other things i could suggest is a "created_by" "updated_by" and "created_at" "updated_at" things supported. "blamable behaviour" and "timestamp behaviour" things.

#19608 report it
schmunk at 2015/09/30 05:35pm
@Echo Seven

There are console commands by default in Yii2 and there's also a batch command

We've also recently added accessFilters

#19607 report it
Echo Seven at 2015/09/30 05:07pm

should totally add a console command generator and support for RBAC moduals!

those two things would make this THE most epic yii2-specific gii tool ever. i remember awecrud did that in Yii1, but there were tonnes of tools for yii1. love the work so far!

#19243 report it
Kavitama at 2015/04/26 11:57am

Hi, would you please point to an example on how to use providers since what is in the docs is to short at least to my understanding. Thanks in advance!

#18880 report it
schmunk at 2015/01/28 11:33am
@fouss: Fixed link

Thanks for pointing out the broken link, I've fixed it. We'll try to add more descriptive provider examples.

#18879 report it
fouss at 2015/01/28 10:21am
Giiant providers list ?

Not the good link... https://github.com/schmunk42/yii2-giiant/tree/develop/crud/providers

#18878 report it
fouss at 2015/01/28 10:20am

I like it !

#18808 report it
schmunk at 2015/01/12 04:02pm

Just updated the docs, please let me know if you have improvement ideas or send a PR.

#18807 report it
jneto at 2015/01/12 03:20pm
Universal CallbackProvider

Nice job.

How to use the Universal CallbackProvider ?

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