Yii 2.0: yii2-export

Export menu that allows you to bulk export data as excel, pdf, csv, text, html.

A library to export server/db data in various formats (e.g. excel, html, pdf, csv etc.) using the PHPExcel library. The widget allows you to configure the dataProvider, columns just like a yii\grid\GridView. However, it just displays the export actions in form of a ButtonDropdown menu, for embedding into any of your GridView or other components.

In addition, with release v1.2.0, the extension also displays a handy grid columns selector for controlling the columns for export. The features available with the column selector are:

  • shows a column picker dropdown list to allow selection of columns for export.
  • new container property allows you to group the export menu and column selector dropdowns.
  • allows configuration of column picker dropdown button through columnSelectorOptions
  • auto-generates column labels in the column selector. But you can override displayed column labels for each column key through columnSelector property settings.
  • allows preselected columns through selectedColumns (you must set the selected column keys)
  • allows columns to be disabled in column selector through disabledColumns (you must set the disabled column keys)
  • allows columns to be hidden in column selector through hiddenColumns (you must set the hidden column keys)
  • allows columns to be hidden from both export and column selector through noExportColumns (you must set the no export column keys)
  • toggle display of the column selector through showColumnSelector property
  • column selector is displayed only if asDropdown is set to true.

The extension offers configurable user interfaces for advanced cases using view templates.

  • exportFormView allows you to setup your own custom view file for rendering the export form.
  • exportColumnsView allows you to setup your own custom view file for rendering the column selector dropdown.


You can see detailed documentation and demonstration on usage of the extension.


The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

Either run:

$ php composer.phar require kartik-v/yii2-export "*"

or add:

"kartik-v/yii2-export": "*"

to the require section of your composer.json file.


use kartik\export\ExportMenu;
$gridColumns = [
    ['class' => 'yii\grid\SerialColumn'],
    ['class' => 'yii\grid\ActionColumn'],
// Renders a export dropdown menu
echo ExportMenu::widget([
    'dataProvider' => $dataProvider,
    'columns' => $gridColumns
// You can choose to render your own GridView separately
echo \kartik\grid\GridView::widget([
    'dataProvider' => $dataProvider,
    'filterModel' => $searchModel,
    'columns' => $gridColumns



yii2-export is released under the BSD 3-Clause License. See the bundled LICENSE.md for details.


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#19883 report it
YII-Project at 2016/06/16 09:03pm
How to export the data with header in table structure, not attributes of the model?

for example, I have changed a view column name from typeId to "Type Name" in the model:

Public Function attributeLabels{

return [

'typeId' => Yii::t('app', 'Type Name'),

] } How can I export the header as "typeId", not "Type Name"?

#19655 report it
lordrebs at 2015/11/06 10:34pm
exportmenu not collapsing when click

Hi! I successfully setup the export menu and now appearing both button (columns, export option).... but the problem is whenever i click on the buttons the menu wont show up. Did I missed something? I am also using AdminLTE theme, I'm thinking whether something conflicting with the css or js. Please help

#19184 report it
maxxdev at 2015/04/08 12:08pm
Getting error

Hi Kartik V. I've used code from Usage and getting error Class 'PHPExcel_Settings' not found. Tried versions from

"kartik-v/yii2-export": "dev-master"
"kartik-v/yii2-export": "*"

Pls help

#18940 report it
dannythebestguy at 2015/02/06 04:44pm
all-krajee.css file not loaded

Everything works fine except the drop-down list. The all-krajee.css file is not present in the widget. Plz Help

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