Yii 1.1: sharebox

A simple and sexy social network sharing widget

Yii Social Share Box

ShareBox allows you to easily share a URL on your Yii powered site with social networking sites.


Developed and tested on Yii 1.1.7, should work on all 1.1.x branch.


Extract to your extensions folder.

Alternatively, you can check out from GitHub right in your Git enabled project:

$ git submodule add git@github.com:digitick/yii-sharebox.git extensions/sharebox
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update


Include the widget in a view file as follows:

$this->widget('ext.sharebox.EShareBox', array(
    // url to share, required.
    'url' => $this->createAbsoluteUrl('/'),
    // A title to describe your link, required.
    // Some services will ignore this value.
    'title'=> 'My Awesome web site !!',
    // Size of the icons to display, in pixels.
    // Default is 24px, available sizes : 16, 24, 32, 48.
    //'iconSize' => 32,
    // Whether to animate the links.
    // Default is true
    //'animate' => false,
   // Social networks to include, excluding all others.
   // The exclude filter is still run.
   //'include' => array('technorati', 'digg'),
   // Social networks to exclude from display.
   // By default none are excluded.
   //'exclude' => array('technorati', 'digg'),
   // Use your own icons! Note that you will need to have
   // a subfolder of the appropriate icons sizes.
   // ie: /myimages/social/16px /myimages/social/24px ...
   //'iconPath' => '/myimages/social',
   // HTML options for the UL element.
   //'ulHtmlOptions' => array('class' => 'myCustomUlClass'),
   // HTML options for all the LI elements.
   //'liHtmlOptions' => array('class' => 'myCustomLiClass'),


ShareBox uses the following resources internally :

Original idea and CSS from Beautiful Social Bookmarking Widget by Harish. The extension uses the CSS only version, no jQuery involved.

16, 24, 32 and 48 px icons from IconDock

Note: the company logos in the icons are copyright of their respective owners.


Change Log

  • v 1.3 — 2012-09-27 :

    • Add the animate option.
    • CSS fixes and cleanup.
  • v 1.2.2 — 2011-09-27 :

    • Fix XHTML validation errors : url formating and CSS (thanks to Leffe for the CSS improvements).
  • v 1.2.1 — 2011-07-13 :

    • Fix Twitter spelling (thanks to scoob.junior).
  • v 1.2 — 2011-06-09 :

    • Change 'htmlOptions' to 'ulHtmlOptions'. WARNING : this will cause an exception on upgrade. You will need to update your code if you are using this feature !!
    • Use same icons for all sizes.
    • Add 'include' option.
    • Add 'liHtmlOptions'.
  • v 1.1 — 2011-05-24 :

    • Merge improvements contributed by tydeas_dr, many thanks.
    • Allow HTML options for the UL element of the widget, including id and class.
  • v 1.0 — 2011-05-23 : initial release.

Total 9 comments

#19667 report it
iViper at 2015/11/17 08:09am
Need to share custom image in fb and other social media platforms.

Hi how do i share images in mentioned social media platforms? Also is there any way to change the sharer urls. for example. use facebook dialog instead of share api.

#18179 report it
Arvind Kushwaha at 2014/09/22 06:59am
Easy and perfect

Easy to use and very nice !!

#13743 report it
hemc at 2013/06/21 05:43am
@Add pinterest share button

have you tried something? i also want to do same

#13730 report it
sheraz.s at 2013/06/20 06:32am
Add pinterest share button

I want to add pinterest share button. how i can add it?? please guide me.

#13355 report it
ruderbytes at 2013/05/24 05:08am
nice extension

this is simple extension and perfect

#13303 report it
Matías J. Magni at 2013/05/21 10:31am
Support for dynamicRes

Here it's my fork of the project, I added support for the dynamicRes extension:


#5254 report it
Leffe at 2011/09/26 04:32pm

This is line 148 in the extension. First, I would add a "}" just before the last double quote to close the CSS block. I don't know if there is a rule that this is not needed for the last CSS-block.

However, the existence of in-line style within the body causes the XHTML-validator to cast an error when this extension is loaded.

echo CHtml::tag('style', array('type' => 'text/css'), 'ul.' . $this->ulHtmlOptions['class'] . " li a {width:{$this->iconSize}px; height {$this->iconSize}px;"

Here is a patch that fixes the problem: yii_sharebox_style_fix.patch The patch was made against version 1.2 of sharebox using hg.

#4428 report it
Junior - df9 at 2011/07/07 10:27pm
very nice - just a little improvement

thanks very much for the extension, very useful

a little change shoud be made in line 70 of EShareBox.php:

name=>'Twitter' instead of name=>'Tweeter'

just a misspelling i think



#3973 report it
tydeas_dr at 2011/05/24 09:30am
htmlOptions support added

Hello there. Great extension, thanks for sharing. I wanted to add some htmlOptions to the ul created by this extension and I added htmlOptions as an argument. Bellow is the diff with the original 1.0 version as well as the EShareBox.php file I have.


I Added 2 newparams

      * @var array Html options
     public $htmlOptions = array( );
      * @var array Default html options.
     private $defaultHtmlOptions = array(

This 2 array merge at the end of EShareBox::init() like:

public function init()
        $this->htmlOptions = array_merge($this->defaultHtmlOptions, $this->htmlOptions);

And this is the changes to the EShareBox::run() function:

//               echo CHtml::tag('style', array('type' => 'text/css'), "ul.way2blogging-social li a {width:{$this->iconSize}px; height:{$this->iconSize}px;");
//               echo CHtml::openTag('ul', array('class' => 'way2blogging-social', 'id' => 'way2blogging-cssanime'));
               echo CHtml::tag('style', array('type' => 'text/css'), "ul.".$this->htmlOptions['class']." li a {width:{$this->iconSize}px; height:{$this->iconSize}px;");
               echo CHtml::openTag('ul', $this->htmlOptions);

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