Yii 1.1: remember-filters-gridview

This extension helps you to remember/store filter values of GridViews during navigation, filters will stick.

The ERememberFiltersBehavior extension adds up some functionality to the default possibilites of CActiveRecord/Model implementation.

It will detect the search scenario and it will save the filters from the GridView. This comes handy when you need to remember them between navigation during page changes. For lot of navigation and heavy filtering, this functionality can be activated by just a couple of lines.

It supports default filter values and remember scenarios also. For example if you want to show only eg: Active Products, you can setup the default filter using this extension. Or if you have the same modal on different views, you can set different scenarios to remember state separated from each other. See the optional params under Advanced Functionalities and Scenarios section.

The source code is maintained on GitHub. You are welcome to contribute.

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  • Yii 1.1


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We recommend installing the extension with Composer. Add this to the require section of your composer.json:

"pentium10/yii-remember-filters-gridview" : "dev-master"

You also need to include composer's autoloader:

require_once __DIR__.'/protected/vendor/autoload.php';


Step 1

To use this extension, just copy this file to your components/ directory, add 'import' => 'application.components.ERememberFiltersBehavior', [...] to your config/main.php and paste the following code to your behaviors() method of your model

public function behaviors() {
       return array(
           'ERememberFiltersBehavior' => array(
               'class' => 'application.components.ERememberFiltersBehavior',
               'defaults'=>array(),           /* optional line */
               'defaultStickOnClear'=>false   /* optional line */

Step 2

Your actionAdmin() must not use unsetAttributes() as this was moved to the extension.

With this extension the actionAdmin instead of the classic

public function actionAdmin()
                $model=new Company('search');
                $model->unsetAttributes();  // clear any default values

can be as simple as:

public function actionAdmin()
                $model=new Company('search');

Advanced Functionalities

(if you use these functionalities please Donate)

  • 'defaults' is a key value pair array, that will hold the defaults for your filters. For example when you initially want to display active products, you set to array('status'=>'1'). You can of course put multiple default values in the array.

  • 'defaultStickOnClear'=>true can be used, if you want the default values to be put back when the user clears the filters The default set is false so if the user clears the filters, also the defaults are cleared out, the user will get an absolutely clean filter form. When true, if the form is cleared, he will get a form with defaults values.


(if you use these functionalities please Donate)

You can use scenarios to remember the filters on multiple states of the same model. This is helpful when you use the same model on different views and you want to remember the state separated from each other. Known limitations: the views must be in different actions (not on the same view)

To set a scenario add the setRememberScenario call after the instantiation Sample code:

public function actionAdmin()
                $model=new Company('search');

This extension has also a pair Clear Filters Gridview

Change Log

The change log is maintained on GitHub. You are welcome to contribute.

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Total 20 comments

#18949 report it
ric128 at 2015/02/09 10:26am

I used long this extension on Yii 1.1 and has done very well. Can I use it in Yii 2? Thanks.

#18873 report it
Kavitama at 2015/01/27 05:24pm
Issue with search name

I am applying your components as per your instructions and: - it works fine if the the search statement is 'search' - otherwise it doesnt

If I have something like this in my admin:

public function actionAdmin($id = null)
    $model = new OneWayInspection('searchSort');
    $this->render('admin', array(
        'model' => $model,

there is no way it works.

This is the searchSort()

public function searchSort() {
        $criteria = new CDbCriteria;
        $criteria->with = "way";
        $criteria->compare('t.inspection_date', $this->inspection_date, true);
        $criteria->compare('t.inspector_id', $this->inspector_id);
        $criteria->compare('t.stop_id', $this->stop_id);
        $criteria->compare('t.way_id', $this->way_id);
        $sort = new CSort();
        $sort->attributes = array(
            'defaultOrder'=>'t.inspector_date, t.inspector_id, t.stop_id, way.route_time',
        return new CActiveDataProvider($this, array(
            'criteria' => $criteria,
            'sort' => $sort

Any idea?

#17382 report it
atrandafir at 2014/06/01 05:42am
Anyone had problems with this extension?


I've used it in some projects and I had the problem of clearing one field.

For example:

I write some value to search in the "name" column and it saves to session, that's okay.

But then I come back and I leave "name" blank and hit enter again to clear the value, but guess what? It restores it back from session instead of clearing it.

Did someone had this issue or any idea why it happens? It doesn't happen always, but from time to time I cannot clear a specific field because it gets it back from session.


#15368 report it
Pentium10 at 2013/11/01 03:22pm
Updated extension! Clear state if class $attribute is not set

@montegobay Extension has been updated, please grab the new version 1.2.1

#13144 report it
MrJ at 2013/05/07 07:15pm
Remember page and sort

I've opened a pull for these changes on your GitHub repo.


#10142 report it
mariusn at 2012/10/07 06:13am

I have a model with a modified search action for a specific scenario and the saving of filters wouldn't work - so I modified doReadSave by checking for the remembered scenario too instead of just the default 'search' scenario. It seems to be working fine, but is this the best approach?

if ($this->owner->scenario == 'search' || $this->owner->scenario == $this->rememberScenario) {
#9866 report it
andrew.b at 2012/09/17 06:05am
2 improvements

Imho this ext. is so useful it should be in core. Thx to Pentium10!

To suit my needs i've made two changes:

Sometimes default values are not empty, and users set it to 0 or empty string (to show all of given cathegory). To make remember-filters-gridview save this values function readSearchValues can be changed this way:

private function readSearchValues() {
        $modelName = get_class($this->owner);
        $attributes = $this->owner->getSafeAttributeNames();
        // set any default value
        if (is_array($this->defaults) && (null===Yii::app()->user->getState($modelName . __CLASS__. 'defaultsSet', null))) {
            foreach ($this->defaults as $attribute => $value) {
                if (null === (Yii::app()->user->getState($this->getStatePrefix() . $attribute, null))) {
                    Yii::app()->user->setState($this->getStatePrefix() . $attribute, $value);
            Yii::app()->user->setState($modelName . __CLASS__. 'defaultsSet', 1);
        // set values from session
        foreach ($attributes as $attribute) {
            if (null !== ($value = Yii::app()->user->getState($this->getStatePrefix() . $attribute, null))) {
                    $this->owner->$attribute = $value;
                catch (Exception $e) {

Second mod was based on comment from lubosdz - makes remember-filters-gridview remember sorting and paging. I found lubosdz code not work in some scenario and here is improvement:

private function doReadSave() {
        if ($this->owner->scenario == 'search')
            // store also sorting order
            // Two possibilities
            // 1. CActiveDataProvider with default sorting uses variable like 'ClassName_sort'
            $key = get_class($this->owner).'_sort';
                Yii::app()->user->setState($this->getStatePrefix() . 'sort', $_GET[$key]);
                $val = Yii::app()->user->getState($this->getStatePrefix() . 'sort');
                    $_GET[$key] = $val;
            // 2. CActiveDataProvider with custom CSort model uses simply 'sort' variable
                Yii::app()->user->setState($this->getStatePrefix() . 'sort2', $_GET['sort']);
                $val = Yii::app()->user->getState($this->getStatePrefix() . 'sort2');
                    $_GET['sort'] = $val;
            // store active page in page
            // Again two options...
            // 1. CActiveDataProvider with default pagination uses variable like 'ClassName_page'
            $key = get_class($this->owner).'_page';
                Yii::app()->user->setState($this->getStatePrefix() . 'page', $_GET[$key]);
            elseif (!empty($_GET["ajax"]))
                // page 1 passes no page number, just an ajax flag =-> remove session entry
                $val = Yii::app()->user->getState($this->getStatePrefix() . 'page');
                    $_GET[$key] = $val;
            // 2. CActiveDataProvider with custom CPagination 
                Yii::app()->user->setState($this->getStatePrefix() . 'page2', $_GET['page']);
            elseif (!empty($_GET["ajax"]))
                // page 1 passes no page number, just an ajax flag =-> remove session entry
                $val = Yii::app()->user->getState($this->getStatePrefix() . 'page2');
                    $_GET['page'] = $val;
            if (isset($_GET[get_class($this->owner)]))
                $this->owner->attributes = $_GET[get_class($this->owner)];
#9829 report it
Pentium10 at 2012/09/13 05:12pm
Moved to GitHub

Code has been moved to GitHub, please kindly contribute to it.

#8448 report it
Daniel at 2012/06/04 06:18pm
default is not working when scenario is set

Hi Pentium10,

I found out that when I set scenario, the default is no longer working. If I remove the setRememberScenario, it works again. Could you help with this?



#8364 report it
ragua at 2012/05/29 04:10am
Remembering the page

thanks for this great extension. I found a way to remember the page number (i'm not the author) at this address: http://www.stupidannoyingproblems.com/2012/04/yii-grid-view-remembering-filters-pagination-and-sort-settings/

#6726 report it
jmariani at 2012/02/01 09:56am
Adding support to remeber sorting and active pager page

Hi, Lubos.

Can you explain / provide example?

Thank you.

#6170 report it
lubosdz at 2011/12/16 07:45am
Adding support to remeber sorting and active pager page

Hi, I think you can pretty easily add support for remebering sorting order and active page in pager like so:

// store also sorting order
$key = get_class($this).'_sort'; // e.g. Model_sort
    $this->sort = $_GET[$key]; // update sorting key
    $_GET[$key] = $this->sort; // set latest sorting key
// store active page in page
$key = get_class($this).'_page'; // e.g. Model_page
    $this->page = $_GET[$key]; // update current active page
    $_GET[$key] = $this->page; // set latest active page

This should be placed into Model::search() function, whereas Model has two additional filter variables "sort" and "page".


#5661 report it
jpablo at 2011/10/29 11:54pm
Persist the state in database

Would be great to persist de filter state in the database instead of the user session. This feature may enable the user to keep the prefered filters between sessions and between several computers.

#4531 report it
Pentium10 at 2011/07/17 03:30pm
pagination and sorting is for future

@bas_vdl This extension is designed to remember filter's values, sorting and pagination are other layers and probably will need a separate extension.

#4530 report it
bas_vdl at 2011/07/17 03:13pm
remember the page

it doesn't remember the page. using the latest vesion of yii...

#3882 report it
Pentium10 at 2011/05/17 01:38pm
add cgridview id to the memory unique state label

@laqrhead You can alter the code of the extension and implement the gridview and model id. I will release in the upcoming days an update, that will include a configurable parameter to override the ID of the memory and other requested changes and bug fixes.

#3881 report it
laqrhead at 2011/05/17 01:30pm
Great extension.

This is a great extension, thanks.

I have two different views that each have a CGridView for the same model (different layout). When I filter in one view, the values are then "remembered" in the other view. Do you know if there is a way to disable the "memory" in a specific CGridView? I quickly looked at the source, perhaps using the CGridView id instead of the modelName would work in the getState/setState? What do you think?

#3811 report it
GvWP at 2011/05/09 05:07pm

This is what I needed. Seems to be working fine.

#3013 report it
jule at 2011/03/08 03:11am

That's exactly what I was looking for!!

#2991 report it
Pentium10 at 2011/03/06 12:42pm
Updated the extension to include defaults

@adinugro I've updated the extension to include support for defaults. Please setup the behavior in your model file, and there you can now set defaults. Donation is welcome for implementing this functionality in for you.

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