Yii 1.1: exportasxls

A light weight PHP class allow to the creation of simple xls spreadsheets from array data.

A light weight Yii Extension allow to the creation of simple xls spreadsheets from array data.


Yii 1.1 or above

PHP 5 above

Usage ΒΆ

Unzip the file ExportXLS.tar.gz into protected/extensions/

Then try as below,

// Importing ExportXLS class file
// Xls Header Row
$headercolums =array('Name','age'); 
// Xls Data
// Xls File Name
$filename = 'fileName.xls';
    $xls      = new ExportXLS($filename);
    $header = null;

Happy Coding Yes It Is ........

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Kalpesh Desai at 2015/03/11 10:12am
Not working for me

Undefined variable: build

this error show

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Rohit Suthar at 2014/08/08 08:45am

Simple but nice :)..

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Nisanth thulasi at 2014/08/05 01:21am
In action

Hi vijay p s ,

We can use it in action . so this code snippets use in controllers and models, for better coding standard model is right. (Thin controller and faty models)

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vijay p s at 2014/08/05 12:42am

Can u please Tell me On which page we use this code in our file.? i am a newbie for this yii.. help me out..

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Thommee at 2014/08/03 01:44pm
It working as well

It is a great base for extendig exisiting xls-based libraries.

In my case, I had to change converter "utf8 => iso-8859-1" to "utf8 => iso-8859-2". After this change, it works perfectly.


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